Gather to Grow
Nurture Faith at Home
Make Disciples as We Go

We believe that the home is the primary place where faith is nurtured and parents and grandparents are the primary influence on the faith of the next generations.

D6 Sunday School Curriculum

The D-6 curriculum for Sunday School is for children of all ages. There is also an adult class for parents and grandparents with teaching and suggestions to help them teach their children throughout the week.

Faith Week

Instead of a traditional VBS, we have Faith Week where families and individuals of all generation come together to learn about the Bible and what it means for us. We share a meal, learn from the Bible, discuss with each other, and play inter-generational games.

Dig Deeper

Each sermon of our regular series has a Dig Deeper sheet as a study guide for further understanding the text from Sunday. These can be completed as families, groups, or individuals.

Fusion Nights

A time of worship, Bible study and fellowship.

Wednesdays @ 6:45 pm from September to May

Gen2Gen: These nights are for all ages and seasons of life. We hope you will join us!

NextGen: These nights are for Youth Group, Junior High,
and sometimes Boys and Girls Club. See Calendar for specific dates!

More Info

This group is for children between second and fifth grade. There are many fun activities aimed at teaching more about what it means to follow Jesus.


This group is for students from grades six to eight. Our focus is to help them grow in following Jesus daily.

Youth Group

We are a group that has lots of energy and are passionate about Jesus! These nights provide an opportunity for youth in grades 9-12 to find out what it means to follow Jesus, to get to know Him better and get to know each other better.

Helping Others

Throughout the year there are many opportunities to help those in need–our families, our friends, local organizations, and global ministries.

16% of general offering funds go to certain organizations each month

~~Please place any Tithe or offerings in the box at the back of the sanctuary, by the sound booth.~~


Kris Wint

Lead Pastor

Gerry Clemmer

Associate Pastor

Colin Ingram

Ministry Assistant

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